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Developed for Cecilia Moens at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute and Delivered to the University of Colorado, Denver as well, this application keeps track the Stocks currently in your Zebrafish facility as well as the genetic makeup of those stocks and their ancestors. Here are some key features of the system.
Stock Browser
Quickly focus your attention on the stocks you are interested in. So you can easily find stocks that are associated with a PI or a technician, stocks that are of a certain age, stocks carrying a particular Transgene or Mutant, Or stocks in a part a physical part of your facility. Or any combination of these.
Stock Viewer
When you select a stock in the Browser, you can see all the details of the stock (and edit them if you have the appropriate priviledges).  You will see which stocks are the parents, what mutants and transgenes the sock caries, it genetic background and even where it is currently located in your fish facility.
Stock Lineage
The system tracks the lineage of all stocks, including the ancestors of the stocks that are alive in the facility today. By doing this it very quickly and automatically presents information about the lineage of of your stocks - such at which parents carried a particular mutant or transgene. It also provides a way for you to navigate simply through that lineage by clicking on a stock's parents.
Wildtype Background Management
Some labs take particular care about the backgrounds of the stocks that they breed. The system supports this automatically and calculates the percentage of each wildtype background in any Stock based on the backgrounds of the parents.
Stock Report
The system allows the simple export of stock data to an excel spreadsheet for review and analysis. Simply set the filters and press the report button.
Audit Report
The system will produce a tank by tank listing of your facility identifying which stocks are in which tanks. This is invaluable for keeping your facility up to date. Even a facility with thousands of tanks can be reviewed quickly using this report.
It Ain't File Maker
There once was a facility an stock book system written in File Maker. It got the job done for many labs for a long time. But it had some bad habits - it made it easy to accidentally change or delete data, it wasn't terribly easy to navigate, it didn't "think" lineages. Also, it tended to introduce a lot of opportunities for users to create slight variations on data such as in the name of a mutation or nomenclature for a transgene, or the name of a PI. This meant that it was hard to perform searches for stocks with a particular transgene if that transgene is entered in 12 different ways. Fundamentally this system was designed to correct all those problems.